"We need to culturally, politically and economically reorient our values from prioritizing profit to ones that put people first."
Platform Overview
Housing For All

Everyone deserves safe and affordable housing. Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods and we must work to ensure that people can stay in their homes and communities. In the richest country in the world, no one should be living on the streets or in unsafe homes.


As a city we must invest in affordable housing, protection for renters and relief for property owners who can’t keep up with rising property taxes.  

Fully Funded Schools

All public schools should be fully funded.  Your zip-code shouldn’t determine the quality of education you receive. I envision a public school system in which students and teachers are given the tools, resources and supports they need to succeed.


I envision a school system in which students, teachers, families and communities work together to make our city a place in which all of us can thrive, with schools as the centerpiece of our communities.  

Criminal Justice Reform

We need to work to prevent harm and invest in healing our communities. We need to spend less money on incarceration and parole and instead invest in programs that actually keep our communities safe.


Everyone deserves to be treated humanely and fairly by our justice system.

Economic Justice & Workers' Rights

In the wealthiest country in the world, people shouldn’t be too poor to access food, healthcare and housing.


In order to make Philadelphia a city where all of us can thrive, we need organized workers and progressive tax policies and programs that invest in middle-class, working and poor communities.

A Green New Deal for Philadelphia

I have worked with hundreds of families who are climate migrants who were forced to come here because the land that sustained their people is being destroyed.

Here in Philadelphia, when I look out and see blocks of vacant factories, I am reminded that our land, air and water have been poisoned and our communities abandoned.

A Green New Deal for Philadelphia will allow us to hire and empower the people most impacted by environmental degradation, to solve the greatest crisis of our time, Climate Change.